Independent Advisory

Nextam Partners SIM’s investment advisory service taps the independence and skills of its partners, as witnessed by its over twenty years’ operations, and transparency.

Additional bespoke services

In order to guarantee a highly specialised service that meets the needs of each client, be they private or institutional, Nextam Partners SIM offers a wide range of additional bespoke services

Additional bespoke services

Administered accounts

We believe it is important for your securities to be put into safe hands and administered efficiently and, as such, Nextam Partners SIM’s securities custodian and administration service is the most suitable solution.

Order collection, transmission and execution

Nextam Partners SIM has developed a trading platform that offers a bespoke service for financial instrument brokerage, in particular with company and government issuers in the euro area.

Placement of third-party funds

We place third-party funds for institutional investors and high profile private clients or family-run industrial groups that want sophisticated highly tailored solutions.

Other advisory services

Apart from its financial advisory service for asset management, Nextam Partners SIM also has a specific team to assess corporate finance and ordinary / extraordinary finance transactions.

The SIM carries out all the activities related to the advisory service, namely:
consultancy, administered deposit, order collection and execution, placement of third party funds and ancillary consultancy.