Placement of third-party funds

We place third-party funds for institutional investors and high profile private clients or family-run industrial groups that want sophisticated highly tailored solutions.

By way of distribution platforms or through direct agreements, Nextam Partners SIM offers access to a wide variety of funds of top-notch investment houses or third-party boutiques, funds that are rarely accessible through the traditional bank channels. By borrowing on the skills the selection team has developed since 2006 to date in finding and selecting asset managers, we support our clients in their choice of the best third-party asset managers for the pertinent investment strategy under examination.

The philosophy behind the selection of third-party asset managers is based on the principle that the performance of each portfolio is the outcome of the asset manager’s experience, culture and discipline in its own organisation. The central role in assessing an asset manager thus focuses on both the asset management team that generates the performance and on carefully reconstructing and analysing the asset manager’s track record, focusing on understanding the investment process in every phase of the market, in particular in those phases when there is strong stress, and on the solidity of the investment process.