Independent Advisory

Nextam Partners SIM’s investment advisory service taps the independence and skills of its partners, as witnessed by its over twenty years’ operations, and transparency, both as regards clarity in the provided services and the ability to deliver in-depth reports. Risk management is a core feature of our activities. The key concern of anyone with assets to invest is to protect those assets rather than to spasmodically seek the highest yields at whatever cost.

When Nextam Partners SIM carries out its advisory services it is not bound to any one asset manager and/or broker by any agreement that provides for the payment of retroactive fees, thus it can avoid any possible conflicts of interest and act only and exclusively in the interests of its clients. The analytical asset tools and the cautious planning of all investment decisions at the heart of our everyday activities allow our clients to get an overall view of their product portfolios (often shared among a number of brokers), the overall allocation and the risky and opaque areas, but also a clear understanding of the implicit and explicit costs incurred so that they can adjust their asset allocations to realistic targets and to their risk profiles.